About Of Etta Ng Chok Lam: Age, Family, Early Life, Relationship, And Net Worth

Etta Ng Chok Lam age bio

Etta is a celebrity kid, she was born in the year November 19, 1999. She was the daughter of well-known actor and Martial Artist Jackie Chan. Her mother’s name is Elaine Ng Yi Lei, and she shines as an extraordinary actress in various competitions. Etta has born in her hometown of Hong kong, china. Elaine won Miss Asia in the year of 1990. Etta ng chok lam become homeless because her parents do not like her lesbian relationship with her girlfriend. Sometimes, she would spend her night under the bridge with her girlfriend, Andi Autumn. Her parents are against her lesbian relationship. This takes to her to poor condition. Etta’s brother is Jayeee Chan; he is also an American born hong-kong actor and a famous singer.

Etta’s Early life

As she was young, Etta ng chok lam has little interest in her studies. She belonged to the Chinese nationality. Her religion was Buddhism. Etta has more criticism about their celebrity parents on social media. Because they did not accept the relationship between Etta and Andi because she was grown up by a single mother, Etta’s life becomes more complicated. She gets dropped out of school because of her strained relationship. Her mother found that she had some troubles based on her psychology, so she took her to Canada for treatment. She continuously blames her parents because of the misunderstanding that happen. 

Etta-Body Measurements

Etta ng chok lam looked very young and beautiful. Her height is approximately about 170 centimeters. She weighs approximately 60 kilograms and she has an amazing eye which is black. She has lovely hair, black.

Etta-Relationship status

Etta made her lesbian relationship with the Andi Autumn. She tended to move to Canada and lived with her girlfriend there. Andi Autumn is a famous school teacher and social media influencer. Both the pair, Andi Autumn and Etta, have the dating each other for a few months ago. In the year of October 2017, they both officially announced their lesbian relationship, and they moved to Canada. When Etta found her relationship with Autumn, she told about her parents. But they strictly avoided their relationship. Hence she ought to move to Canada with her girlfriend, Autumn. 

Etta-Social Media

Etta was more active on social media, in the year of April 2018,  Etta Ng Chok Lam posted a video on the online platform, which had several views at once it was posted. Her hobbies are shopping and traveling to various places. Her father, Jackie Chan, is a famous personality who has great attention among the public. Because of her father’s prominence, she also becomes more famous. However, her mother opposed her relationship with Autumn on Social media. But she refused it, and she is now with Autumn in Canada.

Net worth

Etta’s father, Chan, has been found to have a net worth of approximately $400 million for the film Rush hour and Shanghai Noon. But her daughter Etta left homeless in the year 2018. Etta’s life story was unique because her mother rose from a young age. Here you can get detailed information about the famous actor Jackie Chan’s kid Etta.

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