ICEYE’s New $136M In Funding Points To A White-Hot Space-Based Remote-Sensing Market

ICEYE's New $136M

ICEYE is the world’s best leading SAR data provider. Artificial aperture radar imaging startup ICEYE’s has elevated $136 million in a new Series D funding round, leading its total funding to $304 million and becoming one of the best-capitalized aerospace startups outside of SpaceX. The main focus of ICEYE is remote sensing which means taking pictures of Earth from space. With the help of this technology, it can easily combine through cloud cover and other difficulties that would confuse the traditional images depending on observation, enhancing a broad rand of customers containing the profitable defence industry.

Funding of ICEYE

ICEYE is a designer, maker and operator of the huge synthetic aperture radar constellation. ICEYE has raised $136 million in a d funding round. The new capital allows driving the development of the company nation catastrophe. And enable international growth which efforts, particularly in its AI and ML analytics services. In 2015 the ICEYE raised approximately 313 million dollars. As per know 304metheringtontechcrunch

The CEO of ICEYE intend, with the new funding round will be able to continue expanding their operations and increases the further development of their Nat cat solutions, which is the focus to accelerate their growth. They design to provide frequent and reliable updated imagery of the third rock from the sun without worrying about the time of the cloud cover. ICEYE‘s synthetic aperture radar satellite constellation uses myriad applications ranging from climate change monitoring and insurance loss adjustment to natural catastrophe response and recovery, national security and humanitarian relief.

The investor of ICEYE‘s

The ICEYE’s $136 million series D funding round was led by seraphim space and has participated in molten ventures, OTB ventures, True Ventures, C16 ventures, Chione LTD, Services Group of America, the UK’s National security strategic investment fund, Space capital and Promus Ventures, and include BSE Systems and Kajima ventures the new investors.

In concordance with OTB ventures, the European investment fund participates as an investor through the innovation for equity. Consistently express the goal of achieving real-time earth monitoring through microsatellite constellations is safe in its charge. They have been impressed with its commercial traction and ability to secure a contract that demands the highest level of trust, integrity and technological effectiveness. It is a very simple decision to continue backing companies ICEYE, and they look forward to improving the better connection, more intelligence and ultimately safer.

Co-founder statement of ICEYE

The CEO and co-founder of ICEYE, Rafal Modrzewski, expressed that the ICEYE‘s further developed its efforts to provide objective data and technology and firm believer that SAR technology and its capabilities will continue to make a significant value. The entire ICEYE team has improved its reputation by delivering the best result to their customer with unmatched timelines and quality of services. Susan Repo, the chief financial officer at ICEYE, express rounded funding express the confidence of new and turning investor in ICEYE and ensures a new way of growth.

The Services of ICEYE

The earth observation company of ICEYE, Finland, developed the ICEYE spacecraft with a synthetic aperture raider instrument suitable for a microsatellite. It has a huge range of features and technology which help improve the increasing versatility and quality of the images.

The data compared to ICEYE- X1. The development is connected to the things like component choices, subsystem interfaces, software code, operations procedures, communication links, and optimization of power management. ICEYE include lots of imaging modes to provide high-resolution imagery and support various cases.

Fund revised by ICEYE‘s.

The top leading company SAR data provided a return of the 87 million funding by True Ventures with the additional investment by OTB Ventures. ICEYE has successfully launched five satellite missions, starting in January 2018. It will grow the operation consolation into a unique capacity across the globe. The ICEYE has raised a total of approximately 152 million in financing.


The ICEYE is the development and operation of its commercial constellation of radar imaging satellites, whit SAR data available to a global customer. The unique satellite constellation capacity is tackling tremendous global needs for reliable information, the world’s first aerospace capabilities and a new space approach. ICEYE radar satellite imaging service is designed to send frequent coverage, which helps resolve challenges in maritime, disaster management, insurance and finance sectors.

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