Introduction To Giovanna Yannotti

Giovanna Yannotti

The famous person is Giovanna Yannotti is mainly known for the best films that she does and most all her films are famous. She has appeared in the famous movie that is known as a twilight saga. She has also appeared in the WWE show and she began to look after her career at the age of fourteen. She has appeared in bloody valentine’s also. 

Body measurements of Kurt Angle’s wife:

The famous personality Giovanna Yannotti is said to have had both on 26 march in the year 1987. She took birth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently she is thirty-five years of age and also she is five foot tall. They weight of her is mostly 56 kg approximately. 

Giovanna Yannotti Family and education:

People say that the famous personality Giovanna Yannotti is half Mexican and also half Italian. She does not share much about her parents but as per sources, we know that she had a very good childhood. 

She got her graduate degree and then enrolled at Pittsburgh University too. Giovanna Yannotti also was not able to complete all her studies and after being a college drop out she then began to do her career in the field of acting and being a model.

Marriage life of Giovanna Yannotti:

The actress Giovanna Yannotti met her husband first when they were on the movie sets of End Game. She had a small role to play that is as a customer at one restaurant. They started to date and then both proposes to each other and they got engaged. They also had their first child while they were in their period of engagement. 

They then gave birth to their daughter too who is Giuliana Marie on 21 January in the year 2011. Kurt, Giovanna Yannotti’s husband, was also previously married to somebody. He was also married to Karen Smedley, which continued for almost 10 years. They gave birth to a total of five children and then they finally decided to go and adopt a son who is from Bulgaria.

Giovanna Yannotti Earnings and personal life: 

The actress Giovanna Yannotti has a social media of her own and she stays very active both on Facebook and also on Twitter. She posts all the updates of her family and also of herself on a regular basis. She is also very proud of her husband who uses social media. The net worth of the actress is known to be two million dollars also because she has done many different roles in many other films too.


The actress Giovanna Yannotti is very superior and also balances her life. She keeps a check on her social media and has worked in various films such as Jack Reacher. 


Q1. Where does the actress live? 

Ans. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Q2. Who is she married to? 

Ans. She is married to Kurt Angle. 

Q3. How is her personal life? 

Ans. Her personal life is humble. 

Q4. What are her educational qualifications?

Ans. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Q5. What is the reason behind her popularity? 

Ans. She has worked in films like Twilight Saga.

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