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kenn whitaker

Who is Kenn Whitaker?

Kenn Whitaker is a name that everybody might be aware of. He is a reputed and renowned face of the American television and cinema industry. Before entering the industry, his real name was Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker. However, people started calling him Kenn and the rest is history.

The roles that he portrayed in Most Wanted, Bulworth, Life, and Last Days led him to gain a good amount of prominence and love from the audience. He has also been a part of several movies and television series. He is considered one of the finest veteran actors whose presence in the films is now limited but his fan base never fails to shower love on him. Looking forward to better opportunities, he relocated from Texas, his original residence to Los Angeles, the United States of America. It was nevertheless a risky decision that eventually turned out to be a successful one for him. 

Kenn Whitaker Age, Height, Weight

Kenn was born on June 8, 1963 in Longview City, Texas, United States of America, currently he is 56 years old. Her Height is 5 Feet 11 Inches, Her Weight is around 75-80 Kg, She has Fair Skin Tone, Black Hair as well as Brown Eyes. His physical appearance shows that he is getting old day by day. Along with this, his overall body size is 44 inches.

know about Kenn Whitaker’s career:

Kenn remained for a short period of time in the American entertainment industry but the number of films and his performances in them helped him to gain enough prominence and wealth for him. He entered the industry with one of his best films, Most Wanted, which was released in 1997. His next film was Life which came out in 1999. It had Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy in the lead roles. Kenn played the supporting role by the name ‘Isaac’ in the movie.


Such were the films that boosted his name in front of the audience. In 2001, he appeared in two movies named, ‘The Theory of the Leisure Class’ and ‘Last Days.’ Additionally, Tracey Takes On (1998), Bulworth (1998), and Party of Five (1999) were his other pieces of work. These were the names of the films in total which he had worked for. His acting, however, stopped after the above-mentioned films. No further performances of him were experienced by the audience after these. 

Kenn Whitaker Family:

Kenn has got a family of hardworking and successful members. His father, Forest Steven Jr. was an insurance salesperson. He used to work for longer hours to win bread for his family. Whereas, his mother, Laura Francis Smith used to take care of her children while pursuing two master’s degrees. Nevertheless, she worked hard and accomplished both.

Kenn Whitaker Family
Kenn Whitaker Family

On the other hand, Kenn has three siblings named, Forest Whitaker, Damon Whitaker, and Deborah Whitaker. All of them are actors by profession. Out of his brothers, Forest and Damon are twins and Kenn is the second-eldest of all his siblings. When he entered the industry, regardless of getting noticed for his own work, he was more acknowledged for being a doppelganger of his brother, Forest Whitaker who was more famous among all. Overall, the family that he was raised in and the hardworking environment that he along with his siblings experienced helped a lot in all of their career paths. 

Kenn Whitaker Net Worth:

Kenn Dwayne Whitaker A.K.A Kenn Whitaker’s career remained for a shorter period of time yet it turned out to be successful for him due to the performances that he delivered through his limited number of movies. In general, if we talk about the net worth of this former actor, it is estimated at around 1 million dollars. Every single penny of his net worth is earned through his hard work in the films that he worked for. He neither did any brand promotions nor has he appeared in any of the advertisements. After disappearing almost from the industry, he is now leading a peaceful life somewhere in the United States of America. 

Kenn Whitaker Girlfriend:

According to the sources, Kenn is possibly not dating anyone. Also, no information is available if this 59-year-old former actor is actually married or not. When it is related to sharing his personal life details, he prefers to remain silent in front of the media. He is a self-reserved person who is most likely to focus on himself. He is much more lovable to his family and spends his precious time with them only. However, the audience frequently remains curious to know about his love life, but he is far away from the controversies and hasn’t revealed anything yet. 

Kenn Whitaker TV Shows:

Although Kenn has appeared in a limited number of movies along with television shows, his name is enough to be well-remembered by the audience. Moving further to the main context, the number of television shows that Kenn has worked for is only 2. Their names are “Tracey Takes on” as well as “Party of Five.” Tracey Takes on was first broadcast in 1996 and it came to an end in 1999. It was a comedy series with a total of 4 seasons. He appeared in an episode named “Smoking” as a second-smoking person. The episode was aired in 1998. In addition, Party of Five was first aired in 1994 and ended with a total of 6 seasons in 2000. He appeared in the episode “Whatever Works” aired in 1999. He portrayed the role of a Detention Center Guard in it. 

Kenn Whitaker Movies:

Kenn Whitaker Movies :- Apart from appearing in tv shows, this former actor is a renowned personality in the American movie industry too. Despite working in a limited number of films, he managed to gain a substantial amount of popularity. He has appeared in movies such as Strapped (1993), Most Wanted (1997), Bulworth (1998), Life (1991), The Theory of the Leisure Class (2001), and Last Days (2001). Eventually, he entered the film industry with one of his best films, Most Wanted, which was released in 1997. These were the movies that he worked for so far but his acting skills led him to become famous among the audience. 


  1. Who is Kenn?

Kenn is a 59-year-old actor who is a reputed and renowned face of the American television and cinema industry. Along with that, he is even famous for being the younger brother of the famous actor, Forest Whitaker. 

  1. Are Kenn and Forest Whitaker twin brothers?

No. Besides, his younger brother, Damon Whitaker is the twin brother of his elder brother, Forest Whitaker. 

  1. What is the current net worth of Kenn?

It is estimated that his current net worth is calculated at around 1 million dollars. 

  1. From where did Kenn complete high school?

He completed his high school at Palisades charter high school. It is situated in Palisades, California, the US. 

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