Nicole Flenory: Know About The Big Meech’s Sister

Nicole Flenory: Know About The Big Meech's Sister

About Nicole Flenory

Nicole Flenory is widely renowne for being the youngest sister of Big Meech and Southwest T. Her brothers achieved a lot of fame for leading the Black Mafia Family in addition to emerging as the most dangerous crime family in the United States of America during the early 2000. As soon as her brothers placed their feet into the drug trafficking industry, Nicole started to maintain distance from them. She didn’t intend to link her name with the mafia family. Born on October 18th, 1974, in Dartmouth, Detroit, she is currently 48 years old. Much before her brother’s label, BMF entertainment entered the market in 2000. Demetrius (Big Meech), and Terry (Southwest T.) were already running the drug business in their high school. Since Nicole’s parents were unable to provide his family with a good lifestyle, her brothers decided to start money laundering alongside drug trafficking.

Who is Nicole Flenory?

Born on October 18th, 1974, in Dartmouth, Detroit, Flenory spent her childhood under the blackspot that her family earned for being involve in illegal activities. Her physical attributes involve her dark brown eyes, black hair, and fit body. She is the youngest child in the Flenory family who is now enjoying a prosperous lifestyle in Lincoln park, America. 

He never told that his name is associated with BMF, but somewhere, to some extent. He is also involved in the heinous crime committed by his brothers. Later, when the Netflix series was launched, he became more popular. 

Where is Nicole Flenory?

Nicole is currently leading a prosperous life with her husband and children in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Talking about her social media presence, she has around 10.6k followers and only 6 posts on her handle. She is currently working as an interior designer and designer in the United States of America. As of now, her name is nowhere associated with the Black Mafia Family, led by her brothers. 

Apart from that, she has been married to Stelle for almost the past 3 decades and they both have children named Demetrius Stelle and Dillan Stelle. 

Who is Big Meech’s sister Nicole Flenory?

Nicole Flenory belongs to the African American ethnicity. She is an American citizen and her sun sign is Libra. In her family, there are 5 members including her. Her father, Charles Flenory, her mother, Lucille Nicole, and her two elder brothers, Demetrius Edward Flenory (Big Meech) and Terry P.O Lee Flenory (Southwest T.). 

It was the time when the BMF was getting huge popularity, and her brother Big Meech decided to portray the dark secrets of the drug business and music label owned by himself only with the help of a BMF series. A young star was cast playing the role of Nicole, which portrayed her young life, and the series was later produced by the famous American hip-hop artist, 50 Cent. 

The following music label also helped to hype the careers of famous hip-hop artists which included Fabolous, Trina, and Jeezy. Unfortunately, the owners of the BMF were finally caught red-handed while transporting Cocaine to Atlanta in loads of quantities. 

The police were successful in arresting Big Meech and Southwest T. in the year 2005, and the court announced imprisonment for them for a period of 30 years. While considering the pandemic period, the court granted access to a house arrest to Southwest T. in 2020. 

While Big Meech continued to stay behind the bars at USP Lompoc in California. 

Big Meech’s sister Nicole Flenory

Nicole Flenory Childhood Boyfriend

She never had any sort of relationship with anyone during her childhood period. As soon as she was growing, her name got linked to the Black Mafia Family that was run by her brothers. However, she always denied the same since she didn’t want her name to be associated with illegal drug trafficking and money laundering. She also got married at a very young age.

Family Of Nicole Flenory: Husband And Kids

Nicole exchanged vows with Stelle at a very young age. They both have been married now for almost 3 decades. In her family, she has two children as well. Her eldest son, named Demetrius Stelle, turned 28 years old this year. Her younger son, Dillian Stelle is a vocal advocate of Big Meech. He always intends to get his uncle to get bail from prison. 

On the other hand, Stelle, her husband is currently a business, working as a chef along with being a worker for the company name the Big Three. This family lives happily in Lincoln Park, California as of now.

Nicole Flenory Wiki, Brothers Death

The heinous activities of the BMF eventually led to the life of Nicole in serious trouble. As soon as she turned 6 years old, her brothers started selling drugs in their high school. 

Talking about the death of her criminal brothers, Big Meech is currently serving imprisonment which was announced for 30 years. But, her younger brother Southwest T. was shot dead on 26th September 2021, the day when the series, BMF got aired on Netflix. 

He was registered under illegal activities like money laundering and drug trafficking.


This is obvious that Nicole has distanced herself & her life from the criminal company of her infamous brothers, Southwest T & Big Meech. Here we have tried to give some facts about this lady.

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