Nicole Flenory Know About The Big Meechs Sister

Big Meech Sister

Who is Nicole Flenory?

Nicole Flenory is the younger sister of Big Meech, one of the most famous drug dealers in the United States known for drug dealing and money laundering. His family is known as the Black Mafia Family because his brother was involved in mafia gangs and other illegal activities.

Nicole and her parents have never been involved in such work, but their name is associated with them because of their son. A trial took place against him in 2005, in which he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He never told me that his name is associated with BMF, but somewhere. He is also involved in the crime committed by his brothers. Later, when the Netflix series was launched, he became more popular. 

Where is Nicole Flenory Now?

Nicole Flenory now lives with her family in Lincoln Park, Michigan.
Talking about his social media presence, he has around 10.6k followers and only 6 posts on his handle. She is currently working as an interior designer in the United States of America. As of now, his name is nowhere linked to the Black Mafia family headed by his brothers. Furthermore, she has been married for almost 3 decades and they both have children named Demetrius Stell and Dillon Stell.

Nicole Flenory Age, Height, Weight

Nicole Flenory is 46 years old. And her face color is light brown, she has dimples on her cheeks, Nicole Height There is no information available on the Internet.

Who is Big Meech’s sister Nicole Flenory?

Big Meech Little Sister Nicole Flannery was born in 1974 in Dartmouth, Detroit, and is the younger sister of Demetrius, also known as Bmf Big Meech Sister. Her father is Charles Flannery, her mother is Lucille Nicole, and she has two older brothers.

While her infamous older brothers built one of America’s most infamous drug rings, she reportedly stayed away from their criminal enterprise. As such, little information about Nicole’s life. But his brothers started selling drugs in high school before starting their record label, BMF Entertainment, in 2000. During their heyday, which was said to be 2003–2004, the pair transported hundreds of kilograms of cocaine to Atlanta.

Big Meech’s sister Nicole Flenory

Nicole Childhood Boyfriend

She never had any sort of relationship with anyone during her childhood period. As soon as she was growing, her name got linked to the Black Mafia Family that was run by her brothers. However, she always denied the same since she didn’t want her name to be associated with illegal drug trafficking and money laundering. She also got married at a very young age.

Family Of Nicole: Husband And Kids

Nicole married Stella at a very young age. They both have been married now for almost 3 decades. In her family, she has two children as well. Her eldest son, named Demetrius Stelle, turned 28 years old this year. Her younger son, Dillian Stelle is a vocal advocate of Big Meech. He always intends to get his uncle to get bail from prison. 

On the other hand, Stelle, her husband is currently a business, working as a chef along with being a worker for the company name the Big Three. This family lives happily in Lincoln Park, California as of now.

Nicole Flenory Wiki, Brothers Death

The heinous activities of the BMF eventually led to the life of Nicole in serious trouble. As soon as she turned 6 years old, her brothers started selling drugs in their high school. 

Talking about the death of her criminal brothers, Big Meech is currently serving imprisonment which was announced for 30 years. But, her younger brother Southwest T. was shot dead on 26th September 2021, the day when the series, BMF got aired on Netflix. He was registered under illegal activities like money laundering and drug trafficking.


This is obvious that Nicole has distanced herself & her life from the criminal company of her infamous brothers, Southwest T & Big Meech. Here we have tried to give some facts about this lady.

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