Organizing a corporate workshop can be an excellent way to bolster your relationships with clients and employees. You can establish new connections through networking and cement yourself as a heavyweight in your field. But this is an intensive activity. There is a fair bit of planning involved, then execution, and making sure everything goes smoothly. 

    This will leave little time for you to think and develop your promotional strategy. Your event will only be successful if you attract a large audience and many attendees. This can be done by properly marketing your corporate workshop. To that end, there are many things you can try and promote your event. 

    Use email marketing

    Email marketing is one of the most underrated forms of promotion in existence. Although many marketers overlook it, it has a great return on investment, much higher than wider-reaching marketing mediums. You will have collected various emails while working; now is the time to use them. You can send promotional emails to these addresses and invite them to attend your workshop.

    These can be your clients, partners, people you have worked with, and even your employees. Your emails will inform them about the upcoming event and invite them to attend. These will contain the workshop topic, the speakers or trainers, the venue, and the date, along with graphical design elements to support the text, which you can make easily with PosterMyWall’s corporate email templates

    These are professionally made templates that you may modify accordingly. Once you have what you need, you may download them and send them to your mailing list. Take this template, for example, the designer made it for a workshop event. It’s pretty bare bones now but you can edit it and add stuff to it accordingly.

    Use Posters

    Posters are a tried and true means of promotion that have been used for a long time. They are effective in delivering the message in an eye-catching and engaging way. Usually, there is graphical content and just the right amount of text that delivers the necessary details. People in their daily lives don’t have time to read long walls of text. They want to get the gist of things and go about their day. 

    So a well-made poster delivers all the necessary details without boring the reader. A poster for your corporate workshop can have an image to represent the event visually. Then, you’d want to add information regarding the workshop; such as topic, venue, date and time, any guest speakers, etc. This will deliver the essential information to the reader, who’ll know when, where, and how to engage.

    Make An Event Page

    Social Media platforms like Facebook allow users to create special pages for their respective events. You will list your corporate workshop there and invite people in your circles to attend. Mostly, these should be your employees and other professionals in the field who would find this workshop interesting.

    An event page makes things official for your event. People can then engage with it, tell others they’re attending, and invite others too. This creates a buzz on social media and generates hype for your upcoming workshop. You can even share the event in your posts to further push it out to the masses. More hype means more people will see it, and more chance that they will attend. 

    Put A Webpage For Your Workshop On Your Website

    Consider creating a special webpage for your workshop on your website and put all the information regarding that event there. This should be the main information hub for your workshop, which you should be linking everywhere. On social media, on your posters, in your emails as you create your email campaign, event pages, etc. 

    This will help you better organize information on your workshop. Instead of providing lackluster information across multiple sources, you can redirect all of them to this webpage. As this is your hub, you can be more detailed and discuss things at length. Be sure to add a tab to this page on your homepage in big and bold lettering so that it is easy to find. 

    In Conclusion

    There is no rocket science involved when it comes to promoting an event. Usually, the most effective are simple promotional strategies that have the best impact and results. The strategies listed above may fall in this category. You may think these are quite simple, but they are effective and show actual results. Most of these don’t even require much money in terms of investment from you. Many of these strategies require very little money in terms of investment, if not completely free. If you were to implement them consistently, chances are that you would have created an effective marketing strategy for your upcoming corporate workshop.