Most people might believe life is easier for tall people, as they can reach objects at a height or see over people’s heads at a concert. However, as you may know, tall people will face various obstacles daily that shorter people will not understand, especially inside the home.

    If your feet hang over the bed at night or you bump your head when walking into a room, there are steps you can take to transform your quality of life. Here are five home interior tips for tall people.

    1. Buy the Best Bed for Your Height

    Your bed should be comfortable or relaxing. Unfortunately, it might feel the opposite of cozy at bedtime if your legs dangle over the edge or you need to scrunch up your body at night. Transform your sleep quality by choosing a bed designed to provide more horizontal and vertical space. For instance, an emperor bed from is 7ft wide and 7ft long, ensuring you have plenty of room to move each night. Also, you can choose from a wide range of styles to complement a stylish interior design, such as metal, ottoman, wooden, or fabric bed frames.

    1. Install an Adjustable Showerhead

    Most tall people understand the daily hassle of showering, as many will have encountered showerheads that are too low for their needs. As a result, tall people may need to crouch or contort to wash their bodies from head to toe. If you have a short showerhead that makes daily showering a struggle, consider installing an adjustable design. The detachable hose will provide more freedom as you shower, preventing those awkward twists and uncomfortable crouching.

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    1. Use Floor-length Mirrors

    Do you struggle to see the top of your head when looking in the mirror? Yet, you might be unable to change its location due to smaller loved ones in the home or a fear of a mirror appearing out of place. If this is the case, floor-length mirrors are a great alternative, as they will ensure everyone can view their reflection in a room. Install a floor-length mirror in a space that will allow you to step back to review an outfit with ease.

    1. Replace Your Toilet

    A small toilet will place pressure on a tall person’s joints. Make using the facilities a more comfortable experience by swapping a standard toilet, which is typically 12 inches high, for a taller toilet between 14 to 19 inches high. A tall design could keep your knees at a 90-degree angle when sitting, preventing aches, pains, or stretched-out legs in the bathroom.

    1. Pad Doorframes for Safety

    If you often need to duck your head when walking in or out of a room and still manage to bump your head at times, you might need to improve your home safety. Avoid painful bumps by padding doorframes across the home with a soft material, as the cushioning could help you avoid pain when stepping into a room.

    There you have the best home interior tips for taller people. 

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