According to Bill Gross, an American Businessman, and CEO of Idealab, only five factors influence the success of a startup. These success factors are timing, idea, team, business model, and funding. “Team” means your startup needs a couple of talents to help drive your business to success. Like the other four factors, finding and recruiting top talents for your company is not an easy thing to do. To make this process easy, however, one effective solution is to collaborate with a suitable placement agency in India.

    In case you don’t know, placement agencies (or employment agencies) work by connecting employers to talents. By working with a good placement agency, such as Unojobs, you can easily attract top talents across different Indian cities for your jobs in Gurgaon, Delhi, and even Bangalore. Read on to discover the best tricks for finding a suitable employment agency near you.

    Factors that influence the choice of a suitable placement agency in India 

    According to Steve Case, the team (talents) you build is exactly the company you’ll end up building at the end of the day. Since your team members can greatly influence your business success, you certainly need to take your time to choose a reliable employment agency that can connect you with the right team.

    1. What industries does the agency serve?

    One critical factor you certainly don’t want to joke with is the industries, in which the placement agency serves. In case you don’t know, one thing that jobs in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore have in common is that they all are available for several industries. This explains why many top recruitment agencies often target specific industries in these cities.

    For instance, some jobs in Bangalore and Delhi strictly fall under the IT field. Some of these jobs may only focus on talents with creative skills. While some placement agencies may be best at finding IT specialists, others may only be good at finding talents with creative skills.

    • That said, for you to get the best out of an employment agency, you need to be sure the company has experience in connecting you (an employer) with talents in the industry you serve.
    • Another thing you can do is pick an agency based on the type of business they focus on, such as startups, SMEs, or large corporations.

    The bottom line is to work with an agency that can adhere to industry standards while also meeting your talent requirements. One great reliable & professional placement agency you can trust in this case is Unojobs. On our portal, you can easily connect with talents of your choice. We offer employers a tool that allows them to filter their search and pick talents that only merit their requirements.

    1. How do existing companies feel about the agency’s services?

    Today, one of the smartest ways of life is to learn from other mistakes. Do existing companies regret ever working with the employment agency? There’s only one way to find out. This involves reading online reviews to understand how other companies feel about the agency.

    As you already know, an experience placement agency must have helped different companies connect with their preferred employees. By reading reviews from these past companies, you’ll better understand your success rate for finding the right employees on the agency’s job portal.

    1. How much does it cost?

    A good placement agency, such as Unojobs, isn’t a money-first firm. This means the right company should provide you with a free trial first before going ahead to charge you. At Unojobs, our job is to provide you with a platform that allows you to connect quickly with talents that meet your requirements.

    • As you get started and register on our platform, we’ll first provide you with free credits, which you can use to create and post your best jobs in India.
    • You’ll only be required to buy credits only if your free credits are no more enough for you to create job posts. With your credits, you can also search and find new candidates on our cloud-based hiring platform.

    You can visit our official page to learn more about how to create and post your jobs in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and other top places in India.