(n)Code operates the portal, which hosts, publishes, and executes millions of bids for various departments of the Gujarat government, including Road & Building, and many more PSUs such as GIL, GIPCL, GMDC, and others. If you are interested in applying for the Gujarat tenders then you must know about Nprocure and how to apply via the same. 

    nProcure Portal-What exactly is this?

    The nProcure portal is Gujarat’s only one-stop for all tender bidding processes. It publishes thousands of tenders from the Gujarat government on a regular basis. As an SME or a contractor, one can find a lot of relevant tenders for certain industries on the Gujarat government’s nProcure webpage. To bid on nProcure tenders, businesses must first register on the nProcure website. After registering with nProcure, users can search for and see tenders from all departments and municipal corporations in Gujarat. It also offers etenders and e-auctions features in the platform, as well as live tender bidding. Bidders can also use reverse auction features with nProcure. Though websites like Bidassit also provide the same service and one can check the tenders published on nProcure on this website as well. 

    What is the process of applying for the tender on nProcure?

    Follow these steps when bidding for Gujarat tenders or any other government authority to boost your chances of obtaining a tender:

    • BidAssist can help you find relevant tenders issued by Gujarat tenders. Once you have signed up for BidAssist, you may easily download the Gujarat e-tender document for any state in India.
    • Examine the tender document thoroughly and read all of the terms and conditions of the services to be procured by the nProcure tendering authority.
    • Before writing a bid response strategy, review previously awarded contracts that include critical information such as project time length and the money given to the contractor. 
    • After you have submitted your application, the IOCL tendering authority will verify all of the suppliers who have applied for bidding, and the supplier or organization will be added to its ‘list of approved suppliers.
    • On the official website of nProcure, bidders can track the status of the tender they submitted.
    • Contracts are awarded to the shortlisted bidders once the tender procurement process is completed.

    Before you apply for Gujarat tenders on nProcure portal, make sure you have the following:

    • Upload your Class III DSC.
    • Read the tender documents and become familiar with the major tender phrases, project needs, terms and conditions, payment terms, and so on.
    • Thoroughly prepare a bid proposal.
    • Gather all relevant papers in the requested format, such as jpg, pdf, excel, and so on.
    • Examine the tender application paper (if necessary, seek further assistance from bid consulting services).
    • Quote the tender price competitively, that is, it should provide value to the buyer while also earning profits for your company.
    • Log on to the appropriate portal and complete the online application.

    Why Use BidAssist to Find Gujarat Tenders?

    BidAssist is an online e-Tender search tool that allows SMEs to find the most recent Gujarat tenders, tender documents, and awarded contracts all in one place. You can also look for any e-tenders by location, state, tender amount, or tender ID. The website offers FREE access to government tender opportunities in India. 

    Important Information to Know Before Submitting a Tender On nProcure Portal

    Before you submit the tender, make sure your browser settings are optimized for the platform. Here, we’ll go over the essential browser settings you should think about changing in order to ensure you don’t face any lag while submitting the tender. 

    Pop-up blockers should be turned off: It is used by nProcure to show you information such as bid submission and document download. You may overlook or miss important if your browser’s pop-up blocker is enabled. To turn off pop-up blockers, navigate to your browser’s settings and select the pop-up blocker option. Make sure the pop-up blocker is disabled or that nProcure is added to the exceptions list.

    Allow cookies: Cookies are used by nProcure to keep track of user sessions and preferences. If your browser is set to reject cookies, you may have trouble logging in or accessing certain functions. To enable cookies, navigate to the cookie settings of your browser. Ensure that cookies are enabled for all sites, or that nProcure is added to the list of exceptions.

    Clear your cache and cookies on a regular basis: Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies on a regular basis can assist to improve performance and resolve issues you might be facing with the website. Go to your browser’s settings and select the clear browsing data option to clear your cache and cookies. 

    Make sure JavaScript is turned on: nProcure’s dynamic and interactive interface is powered by JavaScript ( it is designed with Java technology, so you must have Java installed and up to date in order to use it well). If you disable JavaScript in your browser, you may have difficulty accessing certain functions or viewing certain information. To enable JavaScript, go to your browser settings and enable the JavaScript settings. 

    Optimizing your nProcure browser settings might help to ensure a seamless and effective procurement experience. By following these basic suggestions given above, you can ensure that you get the best possible experience. 


    The BidAssist website is designed in such a way that any interested seller/ contractor can search the upcoming tenders and apply easily from the website itself. For example, if you are interested in Gujarat tenders, you can find every tender that the Gujarat government comes out with within the field of civil works, pipelines, roads & transport easily on the website. Moreover, you don’t need to have a tender ID to be able to search for a tender on the BidAssist. All one needs to do is type the Gujarat tender or the organization name-eg Western Railway, Gujarat, and you will get all the required details, closing date and documents, etc. If you buy a plan which costs very nominal (starting from Rs. 5000 only for 2 years), you will be able to search and download as many tenders. One can rest assured that all the tenders are sourced from the government procurement portals which gives you credibility if you are using a credible website.